Bayern Innovativ learns about decarbonization at the Rohrdorf cement plant

A delegation from Bayern Innovativ GmbH visited the cement plant in Rohrdorf yesterday. Eva Kränzlein, Sebastian Roth and Christopher Ziegler learned about the current projects of the Rohrdorf Net Zero Emission (NZE) Labs. Bayern Innovativ is a knowledge manager, initiator and accelerator for innovations in Bavaria. Founded in 1995 as a neutral institution of the Free State of Bavaria, the company connects business, science and politics with industry, technology and partner networks.

From left: Benjamin Müller-Wildenauer (NZE Labs), Philipp Stadler (NZE Labs), Lydia Tropper (NZE Labs), Sebastian Roth (Bayern Innovativ GmbH), Eva Kränzlein (Bayern Innovativ GmbH), Simon Breuer (NZE Labs), Christopher Ziegler (Bayern Innovativ GmbH)

The agenda for yesterday’s meeting focused on the decarbonization of the cement industry and the innovation potential this offers. This also included a tour of the CO2 recovery plant with the connected formic acid production facility on the cement plant site. . 

The Rohrdorfer Group is driving forward the decarbonization of its cement division with great commitment. The Rohrdorfer NZE Labs, which built and operates the first plant for the recovery of CO2 in the German cement industry, is leading the way. The team is pursuing numerous other approaches in the field of carbon dioxide avoidance, utilization and storage. Many of the processes developed in this context have been patented and represent an innovation in the cement industry. At yesterday’s meeting, Philipp Stadler, Simon Breuer and Benjamin Müller-Wildenauer from NZE Labs presented some of them: The process for extracting formic acid from carbon dioxide, the planned pilot plant for tempered clays, which will serve as a cement additive in the future, as well as different approaches to using biogenic fuels. Overall, Rohrdorfer is pursuing the goal of manufacturing CO2-neutral products by 2038 at the latest with these measures.

„We are delighted that our expertise and our research projects are perceived so positively by the Bayern Innovativ network and can well imagine a more in-depth professional exchange,“ says Philipp Stadler, Head of the CCU unit at NZE Labs.


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