CO2peline: Initiative on CO2 pipeline network

Despite implementing comprehensive avoidance measures at the Rohrdorfer cement production facilities, there remains a substantial need to capture significant amounts of carbon dioxide, as the process of cement clinker production inherently emits CO2 from the decomposition of limestone (CaCO3 to form CaO). These emissions cannot be avoided despite having a fully climate neutral energy supply which is why they are called unavoidable CO2 emissions. 

At the same time, future scenarios show an increasing demand of the local chemical industry for alternative carbon feedstock during the fade-out phase of carbon from fossil sources. To facilitate the utilization of unavoidable CO2 emissions, either in chemical site applications or for storage purposes, the establishment of pipelines becomes imperative. 

Rohrdorfer is actively collaborating with the local pipeline developer BayerNets to investigate possible connections from Rohrdorfer’s production sites in Bavaria and Upper Austria to the Bavarian Chemistry Triangle (ChemDelta Bavaria) as well as to chemical production sites in Austria. This concerted effort aims to make circular economy feasible by enabling the efficient transport of the carbon capture sites to potential consumers and storage facilities.

bayernets and Rohrdorfer are convinced that a circular CO2 economy must be established where CO2 sources are linked to sites for material use or to geological deposits. This is the only way to achieve climate neutrality even in industries with unavoidable, process-related CO2 emissions. Such a circular economy requires a powerful and efficient pipeline infrastructure.

However, this is not just a technological challenge. In order to remain an innovative industrial location in a climate-neutral future, cooperation between industry, infrastructure companies and politics as well as social acceptance is utterly important.

Through this cooperation project, bayernets and Rohrdorfer are contributing actively to the development of a CO2 circular economy and ultimately climate neutrality in line with the European Green Deal goals.

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